Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code

Monkey Knife Fight is a sports gaming website with a number of unique and interesting ways to win money on your favorite sporting events. It’s not sports betting but more like prop betting, but with its own unique twist. Monkey Knife Fight operates much like a daily fantasy sports website and isn’t considered sports betting. In a growing gaming world, Monkey Knife Fight stands out from the competition with its unique gaming offerings.

About Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife First first launched back in 2018. This is a site you can trust that has already paid out millions to its customers. You can play legally on in over 30 US states, pretty much everywhere that daily fantasy sports are legal and regulated. The operations team is made up of industry veterans with over 8 years of experience in the daily fantasy space, so you know you are getting a solid product.

Are you worried about funding and withdrawing on Monkey Knife Fight? Well, you shouldn’t be. This is a 100% legit site that is smart and safe with player funds. Player funds are kept in a separate bank account from operational funds. That way, there is never a shortage of funds to pay out customers. Funding your account is easy and withdrawing only takes a few business days.

Monkey Knife Fight is a reputable company that is operated in the United States, California to be exact. They are able to operate under daily fantasy laws in the country so if you can play in your state you can be sure it is 100% legal. If you are looking for a unique way to try and win money on the biggest sporting events, without actually “betting”, Monkey Knife Fight is the perfect site for you. If you like to bet prop bets or play daily fantasy sports, this is also the perfect fit for you as Monkey Knife Fight touches both bases.

New User Welcome Bonus

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Another advantage of Monkey Knife Fight, they don’t have large rollover requirements that make it almost impossible to actually cash out your bonus money. Once you play cash games equal to the amount of your bonus cash, you are free to withdraw. You earn bonus cash at a 4% rate of real money played. It is that simple.

Monkey Knife Fight Mobile App

Currently, there is no Monkey Knife Fight mobile app and there is no physical Monkey Knife Fight retail location. Instead, you can access Monkey Knife Fight through your computer, phone or tablet. Whether you access Monkey Knife Fight through your desktop, tablet or phone, the website will be the same.

How to Play on Monkey Knife Fight

Game Types

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is a game that gives you a select amount of combinations of players against each other. For example, Aaron Rodgers would be going up against Patrick Mahomes and you have to select whoever finishes the most passing yards. The same goes for rushing yards, receiving yards, and receptions as you have to pick the highest amount between other players as well. The prizes vary depending on which rapid-fire you choose. There are some where you can miss one, or only have to choose from two sets. There are others where you can’t get any wrong and need to get all five right.


More/Less is the same as Over/Under. In this contest, you choose the over or under on set stats for a specific player. For example, Michael Thomas will have a set receiving yard marker at 95.5, and you have to choose over or under. There are different versions of this game for different sports. In basketball, the stats would be points, rebounds, assists, etc. You can also win more money by choosing more and getting more correctly. For example, if you get three out of four, you can return 2.53x your entry. If you select a style where you need to get five out of five correct, you can get 12x your entry.

Star Shootout

Star shootout is a category of games and may be named differently across all the sports, and the name will be tied to what they are offering. For example, in the NFL Games, Reception Connection is for picking three players to get to the target goal they set for receptions. There are three different target goals, and each gets harder in difficulty, but also pay out more. You will choose the tier you want to beat, so even if you select the first one and beat the third, your prize money is based on the chosen tier.

Fantasy Challenge

If you are looking for a contest like daily fantasy sports, the fantasy challenge is a chance to select three players that will accumulate fantasy points to try and beat the set number. Like Stat Shootout, there are three tiers of prizes you can get, with the difficulty going up. You will choose the prize before you submit, which will be your target goal.

Contest Selections

There are cash games and then there are tournaments. A cash game is a lesser risk contest where 50% of the field wins. A tournament is around the 30% win mark, but a higher chance of a big payout.

Different Sports Offerings

– Soccer
– Golf
– eSports

Where Can I Play Monkey Knife Fight?

Monkey Knife Fight is currently available in 30 states (including Washington D.C.) across the country:

– Alaska
– Arizona
– California
– Colorado
– Connecticut
– Washington D.C.
– Florida
– Illinois
– Kansas
– Kentucky
– Massachusetts
– Maryland
– Michigan
– Minnesota
– Nebraska
– New Hampshire
– New Mexico
– North Carolina
– North Dakota
– Ohio
– Oklahoma
– Oregon
– Rhode Island
– South Carolina
– South Dakota
– Texas
– Utah
– West Virginia
– Wisconsin
– Wyoming

Monkey Knife Fight Site Design and Usability

The Monkey Knife Fight website is a very plain and simple design that is easy to navigate. The layout is very basic and avoids all of the unnecessary thrills and distractions that you find at some other sites. For those looking to get in and get out, the MKF website is perfect for you.

The left sidebar menu has everything you need. You can quickly access the deposit, withdraw and new game functions. This makes it quick and easy to find what it is you are looking for. Once you click “New Game” you are directed to a page where you can easily choose which contest you want to enter.

It doesn’t matter which device you use to access, the layout is the same regardless. There is no confusing mobile app that lacks the simplicity of the website.

How to Sign-Up at Monkey Knife Fight

Clicking the sign-up tab on the top of the screen will bring you to creating your username and password. Once you enter a username and password, you must also enter a valid email address. Before moving onto the next screen, you must accept Monkey Knife Fight’s Terms & Conditions. If you are located in a state where you are able to play Monkey Knife Fight legally, you will be directed to a new page to enter the rest of your details. If you are located outside of the eligible playing area, you will denied access and not allowed to create an account.

The second page of details that you are required to enter include:

– First Name
– Last Name
– Address
– City
– Country
– State
– Zip
– Date of Birth

Now that your account has been created, you can begin playing with your $5 free bonus or you can start your deposit with the promo code LINEUPS to get your $10 free play and 100% deposit match up to $50!

How to Deposit at Monkey Knife Fight

When you are ready to make your first deposit on Monkey Knife Fight simply click “Add Funds” on the left sidebar menu. As of now, the only way to deposit on Monkey Knife Fight is with a debit or credit card. Visa and Mastercard are the two types of credit cards that are available for a deposit. Once you have the card of your choice, simply enter your card number, CVV and expiration date. For quicker deposits in the future, click on the “Remember” box to have your information saved. Click “Continue” and move on to the next screen.

The second deposit screen is where you will enter your deposit amount as well as the promo code LINEUPS. The minimum deposit amount is $10. You can deposit up to $1,000 per day, $5,000 per week, and $10,000 per month. You can contact support if you would like to increase your limits. Click “Deposit” when you are ready to begin your transaction. Once approved, you are instantly able to begin using your funds.

How to Withdrawal at Monkey Knife Fight

If you have won some money and would like to make a withdrawal, it is very simple to do so. Start by clicking “Withdraw Funds” on the left sidebar menu. You will be directed to a page that shows you three separate balances. Your “Available for Withdraw” balance is the money you can withdraw at the current time. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20. The “Reward Balance” is the amount you have received from your bonus funds. This amount is not currently cashable and must meet the playthrough requirement before being eligible for your “Available for Withdraw” balance. The third balance is your “Account Balance” which is the amount you can use to play Monkey Knife Fight contests. This balance is both your “Reward Balance” and “Available for Withdraw” funds.

When you make your withdrawal of at least $20, your funds are typically returned to your original payment method. Any amount more than your original deposit amount can be received via two methods. You can either choose to have your money sent to you electronically via ACH through a mailed check. Typically funds are received within 3-5 business days if you chose ACH while mailed checks typically take longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monkey Knife Fight Safe?

Yes. Monkey Knife Fight is a 100% trustworthy site that is located in the United States. Not only that but your funds are completely safe as well. Monkey Knife Fight ensures that all player funds are segregated from business operational funds. Be assured that all player funds are safe, secure, and accounted for and that you will have access to your money on Monkey Knife Fight at all times.

Is Monkey Knife Fight Legal?

Yes. Monkey Knife Fight operates like a daily fantasy sports contest and therefore falls under daily fantasy laws. It is 100% legal in the 30 states (AK, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, NE, NH, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, WV, WI, WY). As long as you are in one of those 30 states and are at least 18 years of age, Monkey Knife Fight is safe and legal for you to play.

How Much Do Contests Cost?

Monkey Knife Fight offers a wide variety of real-money contests, with buy-ins ranging from $0 (freerolls) to $1,000. Buy-ins and prizes vary depending on the number of entrants and the rules for that contest. Click on a contest and the contest info window will pop-up with details on the payouts for that specific contest.

How Do I Play on Monkey Knife Fight?

All you have to do is create an account at You can either use your $5 free no deposit bonus to begin playing or you can deposit funds and take advantage of the LINEUPS promo code to have additional funds to play. After making a deposit, simply choose from the different gaming options. Read the specific rules on how to play and submit your lineups or picks.

Can I Win Real Money on Monkey Knife Fight?

Yes. Monkey Knife Fight has contests that are for real money. You can deposit real money, win real money and withdraw real money on Monkey Knife Fight. Just like any daily fantasy sports website or online sportsbook, you can play contests on your favorite sporting events and win yourself real money.

Editor’s Impressions

For those that are looking for something different than the typical everyday sportsbook, Monkey Knife Fight is the perfect alternative. Those who love betting on prop bets will also enjoy Monkey Knife Fight as much as anyone else. The gaming options are unique and fun to play. You aren’t playing against the “house” but instead against other players so you don’t have to worry about “rigged” contests or anything like that.

Aside from the gameplay itself, Monkey Knife Fight has a bunch of other benefits that I really like. Monkey Knife Fight is a 100% US-based company so there is no fear like you get from those offshore sites. They keep your funds in a separate bank account so you never have to worry about getting your funds. Some off-shore sites “delay” payments for various excuses, you don’t have that with Monkey Knife Fight. You can get your funds safely and relatively quickly.

Monkey Knife Fight is an excellent mix of daily fantasy sports and sports betting. It is the best of both worlds and is currently available in more states than legal sports betting. If you are not sure if you will enjoy playing at Monkey Knife Fight, just give it a try. It is free and easy to sign-up so check it out and see for yourself. You even get $5 on the house to see if you enjoy playing. There are truly zero risks.


– Unique Gaming Options
– No Deposit Bonus
– US-Based Company
– Easy to Navigate Website
– Friendly Customer Service


– Lack of Withdraw/Deposit Options
– Smaller Bonuses
– Few Promotions